The Torspec International Inc. has a full range of Eddy Current Brakes (ECB). In eddy current brakes the drag force is an electromagnetic force between a magnet and nearby conductive objects in relative motion due to eddy currents induced in the conductor through electromagnetic induction. The Torspec ECB provides a self-contained, air-cooled, frictionless means of providing retarding torques for industrial and process systems. The brakes are available with a full range of control systems to suit every need from centrifuge decanter, web tension control to dynamometers. They can be torque-controlled over a wide range and can have speed-responsive systems for some processes.

Features of TORSPEC Brakes:

  • Continuous retarding Torques up to 192 Nm (143 lb-ft)
  • Continuous Braking Speeds up to 6000 rpm.
  • A range of 7 sizes*.
  • Air-cooled, frictionless operation-no wears, no routine maintenance; ease installation and maintenance.
  • Belt drive, direct drive or flange-mounted to a gearbox.
  • Tacho-generator incorporated for speed control and speed indication.
  • Brakes can be driving in either direction (clockwise or counterclockwise).

Control Systems for TORSPEC Brakes:

  • Speed control braking to maintain a set speed.
  • Overspeed braking in association with a suitable control signal.
  • “Open loop” torque control with a stabilization system.
  • “Closed loop” torque control from a transducer signal.
  • Cyclic variation of torque, either gradual or step function.
  • Web tension control on reel unwind or capstan.

Typical Applications for TORSPEC Brakes:

  • Control of scroll speed in continuous-process decanters centrifuges.
  • Dynamometers for production and research testing.
  • Simulation of dynamic loading.
  • Overspeed braking for over-running loads.
  • Unwind web tension control from stock reel.
  • Nip roll or capstan web tension control.


TORSPEC Variable Speed Drives used as brakes:

  1. The standard Eddy Current Brake will not provide retarding torque at zero speed so, where full braking effect is required below 200-300 rpm, the TORSPEC Drive can be run with the motor operating in reverse direction to the process. This provides braking torque through zero speed.
  2. For applications where alternate drive and braking are required, the TORSPEC Drive can be fitted with a brake motor.
  3. In certain cases it is possible to provide braking effect by causing the motor to run above its synchronized speed. This creates a regeneration system so that the braking torque is used to drive the motor. This system is used for reels, which have to be driven up to speed then braked.