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Eddy Current Brake (ECB) Application

The centrifuge is used to separate liquids from solids and this requirement exists in many industries especially in chemical processes. The horizontal centrifuge consists from a main barrel (bowl) which rotates at high speed and inner screw conveyor (scroll) which rotates in the same direction but at lower speed. Wide ranges of slurries can be treated by varying the relative speed of the barrel and the screw.

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Vibratory Feed Drives

Our vibratory feeders and drive units are known for flexibility, innovation and reliability when feeding and orienting parts for a wide range of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics and plastics are just a few who apply our vibratory feeder bowls to their assembly or automated product lines. When combined, the different sizes of vibratory feeder drive units, custom tooled vibratory feeder bowls and connecting auxiliary equipment offers solutions for even the most difficult parts handling applications.

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Press Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives are basically large industrial electric motors which regulate the speed of electric motors to match the task in hand, saving power and improving the performance in industrial plants, offices, shops and homes across the globe. There are a few items of equipment that are vital to industrial process and few that convert as much energy as the electric motor. About two thirds of all the electrical energy produced in the world gets converted into mechanical energy by electric motors.

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Torspec Eddy Current Brakes

The Torspec International Inc. has a full range of Eddy Current Brakes (ECB). In eddy current brakes the drag force is an electromagnetic force between a magnet and nearby conductive objects in relative motion due to eddy currents induced in the conductor through electromagnetic induction. The Torspec ECB provides a self-contained, air-cooled, frictionless means of providing retarding torques for industrial and process systems. The brakes are available with a full range of control systems to suit every need from centrifuge decanter, web tension control to dynamometers. They can be torque-controlled over a wide range and can have speed-responsive systems for some processes.

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