Torspec International Inc.

7310 Lake Joseph Road, Mactier, ON, P0C 1H0, Canada

About Torspec International, Inc

Torspec has been a leader in variable speed eddy-current drives for over 40 years, expanding sales worldwide and making it our goal to bring you the best in the industry. Our Torspec variable speed drives have been tried and tested throughout the harshest working environments of aggregate, foundries, and quarries. Torspec started as a small family business and has grown into a larger scale company that sells its products to the world through commitment, innovation, and determination.

Torspec Electrical Variable Speed Drives

Torspec electrical variable speed drives are the choice for many demanding applications around the world. Here’s why:

Rugged Design

Torspec’s new simple innovative design has evolved thanks to over 40 years of experience and knowledge of the industry’s most demanding applications. Torspec TCD variable speed drives consist of a standard Nema C or Metric D flanged AC induction motor. This standard AC motor is directly flanged to the Torspec TCD unit.

The Torspec unit, when energized, transmits smooth frictionless torque, and is cooled constantly throughout its speed range without the need for complicated expensive cooling systems. The built-in tachogenerator gives a high-performance closed loop speed-control, up to 40 to 1 speed rand and 1/2 percent speed regulation.


Torspec variable speed drives can be installed easily and work off of any three-phase voltages with no need for expensive protection.

We offer 50 or 60 cycle models, making Torspec a simple choice when exporting machinery for worldwide applications. There is no need for expensive start-up commissioning or highly trained technicians. In fact, they are as simple to install as a standard AC motor. Retrofitting obsolete eddy-current or troublesome AC and DC drives are made simple with Torspec.

Low Cost

Our simple design has enabled us to be very cost competitive against all other types of variable speed drives. Because Torspec drives operate maintenance-free for many years with no down time, their overall operating costs are low.

Choise vs. Competition

There are many drive choices, but only Torspec offers a simple, low-cost solution to all the industry’s demands

Downtime can be very costly; therefore, it is critical to choose the most durable and reliable variable speed drive available today. In fact, we are so confident, we offer our exclusive three-year warranty.

Make the simple rugged and reliable choice…choose Torspec.