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Variable Speed Drives

Cutting-edge design meets innovative and long-lasting performance in our variable speed drives. Our simple, rugged design has evolved tremendously over the past few years to bring our customers reliable, easy-to-install, low maintenance and fully functional variable speed controls that deliver on quality performance for a variety of applications.

Serving a number of industries including automotive, rubber and plastic, textiles, pharmaceuticals, belt feeders, and asphalt plants to name a few, we pride ourselves on the expert engineering of NEMA variable speed drives and Metric variable speed drives that push industrial applications forward.

From the simple installation process to easy maintenance and low upfront and operational costs, our variable speed drives are the right choice for your industrial applications.

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Variable Speed Drives
Eddy Current Brakes

Eddy Current Brakes

Torspec provides a wide range of high-performance air and liquid-cooled brakes that are designed to meet the unique needs of your industrial variable speed applications.

Depending on your specific application or project requirements, you can choose between our high-performance standard air or liquid-cooled brakes. Both designs are fully compatible with our EC controls to guarantee a long service life for your variable speed drives. Torque adjustments can be made according to the environmental conditions and terrain to which the drives will be exposed.

Applications include, but aren’t limited to, the following: test stands, hoists, cranes, dynamometers, and load brake applications.

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Variable Speed Controls

Variable controls ensure the safe, accurate, and effective deployment of speed drives and their accompanying brake mechanisms. Torspec provides state-of-the-art high-performance and reliable remote variable speed controls that allow operators the ability to control the movements and speed of variable speed drives by slowing down, speeding up, pushing through rough terrain, and coming to a complete stop as needed.

Custom and fully compatible variable speed control features are available according to the specifications of various indoor and outdoor applications. Based on your application or project specifications, our experienced engineers can help you choose the most appropriate controller that suits your needs.

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Variable Speed Controls